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Brainchild was one of Magneto's first Savage Land Mutates, and was involved in the Mutates' subsequent activities.[1]

Several times, using the Savage Land Mutates, Brainchild tried to conquer the Savage Land. In one of these attempts, using a device designed by Magneto, he tried to make Ka-zar kill Deadpool, but was eventually defeated. While trying to escape, Deadpool shot his pterodactylus, making him fall.[2] Later, however, he resurfaced and clashed with Finesse and X-23 while leading a horde of cybernetically enhanced dinosaurs.[3]

Later he began to genetically modify dinosaurs and took Devil Dinosaur eggs to do the same with the cubs, however, Moon Boy and Spider-Man recovered the eggs and defeated him.[4]


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  • Superhuman Intelligence: Brainchild possesses computer-like superhuman intelligence.[5]

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