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Little is known of Bram Velsing. Tony Stark once claimed that the Velsing family "invented money", and that his grandfather was the only Nazi they were too scared to try at Nuremberg.[1]

The Armor Wars

Velsing bought the only copy of the Iron-Tech database from Doctor Faustus, and while initially he may have planned to sell it on, eventually the temptation grew too much and he built himself a suit of armor similar to Iron Man. When Tony Stark became aware that his technology had been stolen and sold, he launched himself after the criminals. This trail led him to Velsing, who fought Stark to a standstill before he was shocked into submission by Justine Hammer while stabbing into his armor with an energy-based blade from one of his gauntlets. Shortly after, Tony fired darts into the armor that would destroy any of his technology in the suit. After he told the duo what they wanted to know, Stark left him trapped in his armor to death as the "software payload" in the darts destroyed his life support system.[2]



None. Instead, he is depended on his armor.



Iron Man-type armor


  • Stark Tech weapons systems
  • Fast-Assembler Application: A bath of engineer-nanobots exists under the suit sleeve of the armor, that can build one hundred different objects from base material. The most prominent of these weapons used is a sword of some sort that can cut through the Iron Tech Armor. Tony Stark calls it the "ultimate Swiss-army knife".[2]


  • He is always referred to as Bram Velsing. The alias Dreadknight isn't actually ever used in the ultimate universe.
  • Velsing was a mysogynist, who expressed surprise that there was a girl in his house "without a leash on".


  • At the point of death, Bram Velsing claimed to be far too beautiful to die, a comment that Justine Hammer regrets Tony would not let her confirm by seeing his face.

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