Bramer was the leader of the Cell 12. He spied on and followed Peter and Mary Jane movements, before ambushing them in the right place. He led the punishing operation, following his own will and not listening to Lasher and Andros' comments. He let Peter Parker go only after he had been badly beaten. Despite Bramer's orders, Lasher attacked Spider-Man alone, ruining the ambush at the Multivex Corporation. Bramer could only intervene after Spider-Man had stopped his men. He tried to shoot Spider-Man, but was easily knocked out by a single punch. The day after they captured Peter Parker again. Bramer was killing Parker, but Spider-Man webbed him and pulling him to smash on some machinery, knocking him down. [1]

Some days later, seriously wounded, he and his men asked Hobgoblin for their payment, but he claimed they had failed the mission and rewarded them with a pumpkin-bomb. [2]


He was cybernetically empowered, and his left arm had a sort of ray cannon. He could speak to the others without any apparent external communication device, and the others could trace his position.

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