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Bran Braddock is a superhuman from Earth-2122, who is sworn to protect and uphold the laws of the British empire.

He spies military helicopters converging on Euston station. W.H.O is already on the scene, with Alistaire Stuart as the Brigadier in this reality, and his sister Alysande the scientific advisor. A mysterious train has arrived on the platform, with no passengers and a wrecked interior. On board however, Dai Thomas finds a picture of Nightcrawler, who he knows as one of Prussia’s spies. To protect the Queen’s summit of the World’s powers, Crusader X sets off on the trail.[1]

He finds Earth-616’s Nightcrawler on a rooftop, and tries to grab him, but is stopped by Rachel Summers wielding the Phoenix Force. When she is distracted and flies off after Earth-2122’s Jean Grey, Crusader X swings into action. He and Nightcrawler duel on the rooftop until Crusader X finally captures him. He puts Nightcrawler under arrest for spying against the Empire, and flies off into the night.[1]

The next day, Crusader X converges on the X-mansion, along with Archangel. He finds all the mutants at the Mansion, psychic or not, have been injured to varying degrees, up to Lady Moira MacTaggert and Lord Charles Xavier, who are catatonic from the psychic blast. With Jean Grey, mutant liaison for the Summit missing, Crusader X goes to track her down.[2] During his search, he finds Captain Britain trying to free Nightcrawler from the Tower of London. They fight but are evenly matched, and so the fight goes on and on. Eventually, Lockheed draws the attentions of both Bran Braddocks to Iron Man, who is attacking the summit of the world’s monarchs. They defeat him, but when they follow the trail back to the Hellfire Club, it’s empty.[2]

He was part of the reformed Captain Britain Corps summoned to the Starlight Citadel when it was besieged by daemons from Amenth and helped hold the line along with the X-Men.[3]

Powers and Abilities

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Seemingly those of Brian Braddock of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Brian Braddock of Earth-616.

Physical Strength

Presumably that of Brian Braddock of Earth-616.


Presumably those of Brian Braddock of Earth-616.

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