Tark developed a reputation of taking dangerous assignments regardless of compensation. As an investigator he focused on missing persons and stolen items.

He was hired to assassinate the Twelve Knights of Archimage, but ended up allying himself with Mantra, last surviving knight.[2]

Warstrike's visions frequently drew him to situations of peril. He was aware of the Entity on the Moon's call[3] and later became involved in the conflict on the Godwheel.[4]

As the Strike, Tark organized with a group of ultras and dimension-displaced mutant as the new Exiles.[5]


  • Wetware Implants: Warstrike received physical enhancement from a black market wetware surgeon. He gained Ultra strength, agility, endurance, reflexes, and perceptions. He was also provided with a healing factor and two guarantees: Sometimes it would work. Sometimes it would not. In practice, Warstrike's rate of healing varies for each set of injuries. At times he can shrug off heavy gunfire wounds in seconds, other times he heals like a normal man.
  • Accelerated Probability: Warstrike possesses the ability to read probabilities and thus predict outcomes before they happen. Known as "Going on the wire", a phenomenon that is extremely addicting to him. Typically triggered by an adrenaline surge, Warstrike's power allows him to see all possible outcomes to a situation, letting him choose the course of action that will benefit him best.
  • Precognition: In addition to going on the wire, Warstrike also experiences precognitive dreams filled with metaphorical symbolism about the future.
  • Psychometry: He also has the power of psychometry letting him read the history of an object he's touching.


detective skills, skilled combatant


various weapons

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