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Quote1.png Like I've been saying since the day I found you, floating in space as a crying starbaby... someday you're gonna save the whole galaxy. You'll know when. Quote2.png
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Brandy was the daughter of Suzanne Selby, an unemployed pregnant worker who was recruited to work on grape harvests in the Shi'ar Galaxy with her boyfriend. Eventually, Suzanne became separated from her boyfriend and was arrested by the Shi'ar border patrol for being a migrant worker.[3]

Sometime before, Planet Earth's Starbrand, Kevin Connor, had died,[4] and, as Suzanne was going into labor during her transportation to the Ravenstarr Maximum-Security Prison Galaxy, she became the new Starbrand, a transformation that sent her on a path of destruction while she tried to control her new destructive powers. This incident ended with the Avengers assisting the delivery of Suzanne's baby. Suzanne died in childbirth, and the Starbrand was transferred to her baby girl. The Avengers returned with the child to Earth in order to help her control her new power,[3] and dubbed her "Brandy".[2]

Infant Brandy

One day, Brandy found herself in an alternate reality and floating in the depths of space. She was eventually found by that reality's Rocket Raccoon and Groot, who brought her aboard their ship, the Mothership Guardian, much to Rocket's annoyance.[5] He eventually relented, and, together, they raised Brandy. As she grew up, she learned how to use her powers and, when Rocket was hired to kill Doctor Spectrum and was losing the fight, Brandy was able to pass on her Star Brand to aid Rocket. It still wasn't enough, however, and Spectrum killed him. The Star Brand returned to Brandy, and she was left brokenhearted by Rocket's death.[5]

She then wanted to go to Earth to restore reality to its proper state and kill Spectrum, something that Groot tried to talk her out of. Suddenly, a Wakandan spaceship appeared looking for Brandy.[5] Once on Earth, Brandy joined the Avengers. She and Avengers later confronted the Squadron Supreme when they tracked the Avengers to the hidden nation of Wakanda.[6]

During her Childhood

Brandy fought Doctor Spectrum for killing Rocket and managed to melt his Power Prism until it was rendered useless, leaving Spectrum devastated, much to Brandy's delight. Brandy then aided her teammate Echo defeat Power Princess and destroyed the source of the reality warp, President Coulson's Pandemonium Cube. With the Pandemonium Cube's destruction, Brandy was returned to Earth-616 but retained the natural aging she underwent while she was in the other reality.[7]

The Avengers grew worried with Brandy as she displayed very rude behavior and lacked any manners, despite her young age. In an attempt to connect with her, Captain America and Captain Marvel took her to her mother's home in Kansas. While there, however, they were attacked by the Multiversal Masters of Evil, and Brandy saw herself unleashing her full power against them. When the dust settled, the two Avengers were speechless as Brandy had seemingly aged into a young woman.[8] The cause of this wasn't clear, and the Avengers were more worried than ever,[9] but she was accepted into the team to help them fight Mephisto.[10]



Brandy has energy-based powers on a virtually infinite scale due to possessing the Star Brand. Abilities she has manifested include:

  • Flight: Brandy is able to defy gravity and fly.[7]
    • Space Flight: She is even capable of doing so in deep space, being apparently capable of surviving without oxygen.[5]
  • Energy Blasts: Brandy is capable of generating powerful energy blasts that can incapacitate multiple targets at once.[8]
  • Power Bestowal: Brandy can send her star brand to a person of her choosing to temporarily grant them her powers.[5]





Flight under her own power; formerly the Mothership Guardian


  • When Brandy's mother was detained for being an illegal alien, Brandy (still unborn) was sentenced to 2 years in prison, pending birth.[3]

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