Quote1.png No matter what happens... my baby will go home! Quote2.png
-- Suzanne Selby src


Brandy's parents were recruited by space coyotes to work on grape harvests in the Shi'ar Galaxy.

After they were separated somewhere in the Reigarrt System, her mother, Suzanne, was detained by the Shi'ar Empire for being an illegal alien and sentenced to three years in prison, while Brandy, still unborn, was sentenced to two, pending birth. On her transport to prison, Suzanne was given the power of the Star Brand and escaped, but she was chased by the Imperial Guard and the Heralds of Galactus.

When the Avengers arrived, they tried to protect Suzanne, but after all the stress she had endured, she ended up dying while giving birth to a baby girl.[3]

Weeks later, Khonshu took over the Earth and began looking for the baby Starbrand.[2]


Presumably those of Kevin Connor of Earth-616.


Star Brand

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