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Dr. Grady Scraps at Horizon Labs managed to invent the "Break Room of Tomorrow". When someone walked in, they were transported 24 hours into the future. When Grady demonstrated it to Peter Parker, they emerged with the next day's copy of the Daily Bugle. When Peter gave it a try, the instant he stepped foot in the room, everything changed. New York City had been destroyed. Countless lives have been lost. All of this was because Peter traveled 24 hours into the future.

Returning to the present didn't change anything. They could still see the destruction through the open doorway. The reason the change and destruction occurred is a simple one that is pretty much always ignored in time travel stories. The moment Peter stepped through and travelled 24 hours into the future, he was no longer part of the current timestream. He basically disappeared. He no longer existed in the timestream until the time in the future in which he arrived. The world around them would continue on its path but Peter Parker would not be around in that 24 hours.[1]


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