Brenda Hale is a member of the Space Military, women's division in the distant future of Reality-5464. In her first recorded appearance, she would learn of a Martian plot to take over the world. On her way to warn the Interplanetary Secret Service, her rocket would be shot down and crash land on Venus. There she would be rescued from the wreck by Whirlwind Carter. Explaining the situation to Carter, the duo would mobilize a counter attack to take back the Earth. During a ground assault to take back New York City, Brenda would be briefly captured by the Martains until she was rescued by Whirlwind. Brenda and Whirlwind would succeed in driving off the Martian forces from Earth[1].

Later, Brenda would join Whirlwind in fending off another attack on Earth by the Black Light Men who were attempting to wipe out the human race and sell the planet to the Martians. During the fight on the Black Light Planet, Brenda would learn the Black Light People's Achilles heel: Fire. With this knowledge in hand, Brenda, Whirlwind and the ISS force would defeat the Black Light People and save the Earth once more[2]

Brenda's subsequent activities are unknown.


Brenda is a capable fighter, and rocket pilot


Brenda uses an interplanetary rocket when needed.


At times Brenda has employed a ray gun.

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