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Brent Wilcox met Jennifer Walters when they were in college, but the two eventually lost touch. Eventually, Wilcox became a Theoretical Physicist at Empire State University and, years later, Jen, now the superheroine She-Hulk, came to Wilcox for help regarding an anomaly she'd found at Mt Pressure, Vermont. Intrigued by the anomaly, Wilcox asked Jennifer if they could discuss it over dinner, but Jen excused herself saying she wasn't feeling well. Still, Wilcox tried to help Jen by analyzing the anomaly. However, this effort was cut short, when the sudden arrival of Howard the Duck accidentally threw Wilcox into the anomaly.[1]

Afraid for her friend's wellbeing, She-Hulk also jumped into the anomaly and pulled Howard with her to save Wilcox. The two went through quite a few misadventures before finding Wilcox, but, in the end, they succeeded in finding him and bringing him back. With the anomaly still endangering all of reality, Wilcox didn't stop looking for a solution, which finally came when he realized that Black Hole could be used to contain it and fix the problem.[2]

The following day, Jennifer asked Brent for help regarding another subject and he once again asked her for dinner, but she declined, jokingly saying he'd get points for persistence.[3]

Later, in an attempt to woo Jennifer, he tried to aid her, Thor and Hercules in repelling a Demon invasion of New York, but ended up being taken by them as they returned back through the portal. Jennifer, who was still upset he'd ignored her earlier, promised to save him, eventually.[4].

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