A Professor of Physics at ESU, and former lover of Jennifer Walters, he was brought the Anomaly recovered by her at Mt Pressure[1]. He hypothesised on the nature of the Anomaly before being knocked in by Howard The Duck’s entry into his office. The Sensational She-Hulk and HTD go in to save him, and they are all eventually rescued by the Critic after the Sensational She-Hulk’s power is affected. He takes her to Bruce Banner’s old base after her savage side becomes uncontrollable[2]. Later, in the showdown with Dr Angst and his gang, he realises Black Hole can be used to contain the Universes[3].

In an attempt to woo Jennifer, he aids her, Thor and Hercules in repelling a Demon invasion of New York, and ends up being taken by them as they return back through the portal. The Sensational She-Hulk promises to save him eventually[4].



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