Bret Adams had a reputation for cleaning up lawless towns with steel nerves and a fast gun. He even managed to single-handedly defeat the entire Drago Gang and run them out of town, causing the town to proclaim him a hero and make him sheriff. In actuality, Adams was a fraud. He had paid off the Drago Gang to stage a phony fight and let him run them out of town in order to gain himself a reputation. Because of his supposed acts of bravery, Laura Harrison, the daughter of the richest rancher in town, fell in love with him and they were to be married.

Mister Harrison, however, suspected that Adams was a phony and only wanted to marry his daughter for their money. He told her that if she were to marry Adams that she would be cut out of her share of the inheritance. When Adams heard of this he snuck up to Harrison's ranch in the dead of night in order to bushwhack him before he could change his will. The Rawhide Kid stumbled upon Adams just as he was about to pull the trigger and grabbed him as the shot was fired. Harrison was still hit by the bullet and lapsed into a coma for several days. When the townspeople responded to the sound of the gunshot the Peacemaker blamed the Rawhide Kid, though the Kid was able to escape the ensuing posse out of town.

The Kid planned on coming back for Adams, however, in order to clear his name and expose Adams for the crook that he was. The Peacemaker expected such a plan and again asked for the Drago Gang's assistance, this time to bushwhack the Rawhide Kid before he ever had a chance to make it back into town. Though the gang got the drop on the Kid in the foothills outside of town, he was still able to single-handedly fight them all and took them in to the town to be arrested. Drago admitted to the townsfolk that Adams had paid them off and that he was the one who had tried to kill Harrison. The Peacemaker and the Kid then had a draw, as Adams desperately tried to save his reputation, the Kid outdrew Adams and proceeded to embarrass him. The Kid then told Adams to get out of town rather than have him arrested, as he was now destined to travel the West forever branded as a fraud and a phony.




The Peacemaker was a decent marksman, though no where near the equal of the Rawhide Kid.





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