Bret Colby is a gunslinger that lived in the year 1127 on Earth-6311, also known as Other-Earth, a reality where the human race did not enter a dark age in the 6th century and continued to advance beyond most other worlds. [1] Colby ruled the roost of a town patterned after the American Frontier. One day he encountered the Fantastic Four, heroes from Earth-616 who were searching for Nathaniel Richards, the father of their leader Mister Fantastic. [2] Colby and his men brought the Fantastic Four to the citadel of the Warlord, whom they believed to be the Richards patriarch at the time. The Fantastic Four soon discovered that the Warlord was really Nathaniel's wife Cassandra, whose tyranny they put to an end. [1] Colby's subsequent activities are unknown.


Colby rides on a mechanical horse that is powered by rocket engines.


Colby wields a futuristic weapon that fires heat seeking bullets and has an infrared scanner.

Nathaniel Richards is famously depicted as watching what appears to be a gunfight scene from a standard, Earth-616 "Wild West" movie while ruminating on the adventurous, less-civilized past. This story infers that it was actually an audio-visual recording taken of Bret Colby’s duel with the Kid that Nathaniel was watching.

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