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A species created from bacteria and given sentience by the Celestials, the Brethren were given group telepathic abilities, allowing them to ultimately form an Uni-Mind such as the Eternals were.[3]


Facing extinction of the Brethren (stripped of their consciousness by the Collector) and of the humans (attacked by the now-mindless Brethren) Thane Ector and his Fool, on a suggestion of the Vision and aided by Eternal Sersi, were able to tap in their telepathic potential and assemble their Brethren into their very Uni-Mind. The Uni-Mind assaulted the Collector.[3]

While that effort led to the Uni-Mind's destruction,[3] the seemingly destroyed Collector in fact teleported away to his ship.[4]

The strain of the Uni-Mind cost the lives of both last the Fool and Thane Ector, the later passing away in Sersi's arms with a last kiss. Captain America epilogued that Brethren had in the end became what Ector wanted them to be.[3]


Sersi forming a Uni-Mind with the Brethren was considered a proof of her instability by her fellow Eternals, as cross-species Uni-Mind are supposed to be forbidden.[2]

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