Shortly after the end of the American Civil War, the military outpost of Fort Rango degenerated into a bunch of undisciplined and lazy soldiers. Major Brett Sabre was assigned to the outpost in order to whip the men into shape. After surviving a treacherous assassination attempt by one of the Fort's men, and after leading the 12 Cavalry to victory over a Sioux attack, Sabre gained the men's respect, trust, and loyalty.

Later, Sabre and the 12th Cavalry were assigned the task of bringing in the last holdouts of the Acoma tribe and moving them to a reservation with the Kisani tribe. The white men did not realize, however, that the two tribes despised one another, having had an ongoing blood feud for many generations. Regardless, Sabre vowed to carry out his mission and had his men move into the hills where the renegades were suspected of hiding in caverns and caves. Most of Sabre's men were killed by the renegades, and Sabre came face to face with their leader, Cap'n Jack, in the tunnels of the mountain. Sabre and Jack soon discovered many of the Native renegades violently murdered and found the man-beast known as Heart-Like-Fire (an ancestor of Thomas Fireheart, AKA the Puma). Sabre was lucky to escape this encounter with his life and was soon after promoted to the rank of Colonel.

As Colonel of Fort Rango, Sabre often assisted the Native American adventurer Red Wolf in maintaining order around Fort Rango. Sabre never suspected that the Red Wolf was actually his scout, Johnny Wakely, in disguise. Later in his life, Sabre become one of the first Senators of South Dakota.[citation needed]


Colonel Brett Sabre was a skilled military leader and tactician, he was also a skilled horseman, marksman, and hand-to-hand combatant.


Colonel Brett Sabre has all available equipment from Fort Rango at his disposal, including large cannons, rifles, and the entire 12th Cavalry. He also carries a telescopic lens when on missions.




His weapon of choice is his officer's saber. He also carries a pistol and has access to rifles if need be.

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