The past history of Captain Britain of Earth-21993 mirrors that of Earth-616's Captain Britain until shortly after he joined the super-hero team Excalibur. In this reality, Charles Xavier would be assassinated by Cable and his death would divide the X-Men in two, one half seeking justice and the other vengeance and retribution.

Captain Britain would be present at Xavier's funeral and side with Storm's team seeking justice. He would gain a hatred toward the Mutant Liberation Front for killing Meggan. Captain Britain would last be seen defending the remains of the X-Mansion from simultaneous attacks from the MLF, Fenris, Savage Land Mutates and the Hellfire Club[2].

His current fate is unknown, however it's possible he was either killed during the assault on the X-Mansion, or if he survived, he was possibly either captured or eliminated by the Sentinels.


Seemingly those of Brian Braddock of Earth-616.

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