Brian Braddock was a member of the Human High Council and his past history remains unrevealed. He has a sister named Betsy who later joined Magneto's X-Men.

Brian owned Braddock Industries, a company that aided fellow Council member Bolivar Trask in creating his Sentinels, robots that policed the Eurasian continent[1].

Weapon X and Jean Grey provided the council with information regarding Apocalypse's defense grid provided to them by Sinister. Braddock, along with his colleague Emma Frost, were charged with attempting to decipher the data that was collected[2]. When the full scope of Apocalypse's defense plan became known, the Council began plotting a preemptive nuclear strike against Apocalypse[3].

This was opposed by the cyborg Donald Pierce and his cyborgs, who sought to disrupt this attempt. Although Council member Mariko Yashida was suspicious of Brian, nobody could guess that he had sided with Pierce and intended to betray the Council[4]. The Council selected Braddock to lead the attack on America, however they grew concerned about Braddock's erratic behavior prior to the launch[1].

Ultimately, Brian's true colors came to light and he attempted to assassinate the Council, however they talked him out of killing them. Before Braddock could do anything more, he was murdered by Pierce, who stabbed him through the back with his mechanical tendrils. Pierce was ultimately slain by Weapon X. [5]



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