Hauptmann Englande is the Earth-597 counterpart of Captain Britain and the leader of Lightning Force.[2]

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Reichsminister of Genetics Moira MacTaggert and her bodyguard Callisto were accidentally abducted by Widget and taken to Earth-616. Hauptmann Englande and Lightning Force were sent after them in order to free them and to take them back.[3]

Hauptmann Englande and his team learned that MacTaggert was held prisoner in the Tower of London. During an attempt to free her, Lightning Force encountered their Earth-616 counterpart, team Excalibur. Both teams fought each other, but Excalibur eventually defeated Lightning Force. Hauptmann Englande and his crew were brought on trial, but the jury decided that they could not be called to account for their deeds in the Earth-616 dimension. The judge decided to send Lightning Force back into their own dimension in exchange for Earth-616's Moira MacTaggert and Callisto. When the gate opened, Minister MacTaggert threw a grenade into the portal to avoid an invasion of her world. Hauptmann Englande, Lightning Force, and Excalibur vanished when the gate collapsed.[4]

The Hauptmann returned to serve as prosecutor against Brian Braddock-616 when he was accused of crimes and dereliction of duty by the Captain Britain Corps.[5]

During Mastermind's war against the Captain Britain Corps, Hauptmann Englande was captured by "Roma" and his Warpies Army, to find the localisation of the Excalibur's Sword. He was tortured and seemingly killed by the Cherubim, Lump, who managed to extract the information directly from his head.[6]


Seemingly those of Brian Braddock of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Brian Braddock of Earth-616.

Strength level

Capable of lifting roughly 200 Tons


None known

"Hauptmann Englande" is the slightly incorrect German translation of "Captain Britain". The correct spelling would be "Hauptmann England".

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