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Tag and Icarus

Brian came to Emma Frost’s squad after the rebuilding of the school and joined the Hellions Squad, taking the codename Tag. He never questioned Hellion’s orders, and often eagerly went along with the squad’s plans.

After most of the world's mutants lost their powers during the Decimation, Emma Frost decided it would be best if non-powered students left the school. While some left early, Tag stuck around the mansion as long as possible. After he and several other mutants (including Dryad and Network) said goodbye to their friends, they climbed on a bus out of Xavier's. Unfortunately the bus was destroyed by a missile launched by William Stryker's Purifiers. Tag and the others who were in the bus were killed.

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Higher energy projection before being depowered


None, he was a depowered mutant.

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