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Brian Dunlap, also known as the Ogre, was a human inventor who has been classified as a genius[1] as well as an agent of the organization called Factor Three. Factor Three's mission was to spy on the X-Men and kidnap Professor X.[2]

The team consisted of Unus the Untouchable, Vanisher, Blob, Mastermind and Mutant Master.[3] To achieve their goal, they had taken Banshee under mental control. Ogre only worked as tech support and remained at the Mount Charteris base awaiting the team's return. Ogre's first attempt to capture Xavier with Banshee's help failed.[2]


After Factor Three's defeat, Mount Charteris was taken over by various groups but Ogre remained there, hiding and stealing food and supplies. Ogre remained hidden until the Masters of Evil imprisoned Moonstone. He saw this as wrong, rescuing Moonstone from her captivity by hiding a key where she could find it.[4]

When the Thunderbolts took over the base, the Ogre remained in hiding until he realized that the Thunderbolts were not as bad as those who had been there before them and decided to help them. He built weapons and technology and left them for the reformed villains to find. The team tried to find their mysterious benefactor and set up traps throughout the base, but he evaded them all.[1]

Atlas decided that this was not working so he openly thanked Ogre for his help, and with this sincere statement Ogre revealed himself to the team. Hawkeye checked on his background and when he was cleared he was welcomed to join the team. Unfortunately, Ogre was then almost immediately captured and replaced by the former Thunderbolt, Techno, who posed as Ogre for weeks to retake his place on the team.[1]

Ogre was eventually freed after Techno's death, and moved Humus Sapien's stasis pod into tesseracted space in order to hide from S.H.I.E.L.D..[5] Eventually, however, Humus Sapien was released, and his power was a threat to the entire planet. Ogre felt guilty for his part and decided to follow the Humus Sapien to a distant planet and live in exile with him.[6]


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Gifted inventor and technician.

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Agoraphobia: fear of open spaces.

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