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Early Life

The interior decorator Brian Hibbs had a long time desire to become a super-villain, and he was principally inspired by Frank Oliver. After Oliver's death, Hibbs spent many years learning skills similar to his. He then worked for a criminal corporation in Mississippi as the new Kangaroo but was defeated by Luke Cage.[3]

His first encounter with Spider-Man resulted in a easy defeat. After escaping from police custody, Hibbs searched for a rematch with Spider-Man, and lost again.[4] He was freed from prison by Grizzly along other less-respected Spider-Man's foes like Spot and Gibbon to form the Spider-Man Revenge Squad.[5] Although they could defeated Spider-Man, his internal problems led to every one fighting each other, Kangaroo was sent to prison, where he started building up his fighting skills and strength, which he hoped might later give pause to his opponents.[6]

Kangaroo then found himself incarcerated in Seagate Prison where superhuman powers are dampened. Once again following his idol's path, Hibbs trained to become a master combatant. He gained a name for himself as a fighter, alongside Batroc the Leaper, another supervillain gifted with powerful legs.[7]

After going to failed treatments seeking for superhuman mutations, Hibbs tried to have a normal life as a professional baseball player under the name of Billy Bob Jenks, but his super-star status was pulled down when his criminal past was revealed,[1] returning to his life of crime. At prison, the stress and exertion made his mutation attempts effective, increasing his size and strength.

Kangaroo was captured by Alyosha Kraven and imprisoned in his menagerie of animal-themed heroes and villains. He was seemingly killed when Kraven's devolved the captives to their bestial state and set all of them free.[8]

Ends of the Earth

After gaining freedom, Hibbs started a superheroic career in Australia. There, he was among the global group of heroes to answer Spider-Man's call to destroy Doctor Octopus's facilities in order to thwart Octavius's scheme to use his technology to raise the Earth's temperature by artificially accelerating the greenhouse effect. When Hibbs entered one facility in Australia, he was ambushed by Lady Deathstrike and was seemingly killed.[9]

Hibbs survived, and apparently returned to his villainous (or at least mercenary) ways.[10] He was later recruited by the Owl to aid in Boomerang's raid on the Chameleon's base of operations.[11]


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Brian Hibbs is in peak physical condition and is a skilled fighter. He has also worn a suit of armor that allows him to leap great distances and increases his strength, agility, and endurance. Additionally, the armor has a semi-prehensile tail, as well as a pouch level cannon.

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