Quote1 I've sat by long enough while the Sinister Six have terrorized this dimension! I may have no love for Spider-Man, but I have to stop them! Quote2
-- Spider-X src


Spider-Men (Earth-TRN461) 048

Brain had a similar history to his Earth-616 counterpart. After the Inheritors were expelled from Earth-TRN461, Spider-X decided to join the Spider-Men to defeat the Sinister Six.


After being exposed to hallucinogenic gas, Kornfield joined the Spider-Spawn and helped Jack O'Lantern terrorize Manhattan. He was found by the other Spider-Men and freed by the gas.

The Three

Spider-X was manipulated by Spider-Demon to succumb to his cannibalistic impulses and convinced to join his criminal organization, The Three. They were defeated by Spider and his allies.[1]


Seemingly those of the Brain Kornfield of Earth-616

  • On Earth-616, Spider-X died battling Zzzax. It is unknown if this Brian survived or if the battle never happened.
  • This is the first video game adaptation of Spider-X.
  • Spider-X is the first in a line of "Monstrous Spiders."

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