As part of Llan, the Sorcerer's plans to conquer the world, he needed to disable Alpha Flight, whose member Talisman presented the best chance of stopping his plans. To that end, he replaced General Winslow, who worked with the Canadian military and government coordinating efforts to develop a new super-team after Alpha Flight had been released from the position.[1][2]

Brian Winslow (Demon) (Earth-616) - Alpha Flight Vol 1 83

"Winslow" reveals its true nature

When Alpha Flight was taken into custody by Gamma Flight, "Winslow" approached them. He began to interrogate them blamed them for the recent spate of supernatural events occurring in Canada. During his interrogation of Alpha Flight, "Winslow" and his troops shed their humans form and reveal themselves as demons. Alpha Flight dispatches Winslow and the other demons but they then reverted to human form, making it appear as if Alpha Flight has killed them. Alpha Flight flee the scene to help battle Llan.[3]

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