The Bride was one of the twelve Extremis subjects created in the Parisian catacombs. Unlike the other eleven "Brides," this one didn't seem to respond to programming of mindless obedience to Zodiac-like symbols.

Because of her apparently innocuous nature, when Iron Man mercifully killed the other subjects, he didn't kill the final Bride. She was instead imprisoned in the psychiatric wing of The Raft.[1] Once the Raft closed, she was transported to the Maria Stark Foundation super-psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.[2]

After some time in custody, the structure of her body suffered a catastrophic failure and she was left in a state of frenzy;[3] this was because the Dark Elf Terrana of the Smoke had secretly extracted the Bride's offspring from her and took it to Svartalfheim for Malekith the Accursed to raise as his heir.[4]


Extremis Virus Injection

  • Although her official name is not given in her first appearance, Kieron Gillen mentioned in his Tumblr that this character's name is The Bride.[5]

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