The monster wanted revenge on Victor for abandoning him and the two eventually faced each other in an icy cave in the northern hills.

The monster, now gifted with the power of speech and intellect, told Victor what he had experienced in the past two years, and now demanded that his "father" create a mate for him. He promised that if Victor agreed to give him a partner that he could love, then he would leave Europe with his bride, never to return.

Victor was repulsed at the idea, but felt that he had no choice but to comply. He spent the next several nights roaming cemeteries, digging up bodies for any body parts he could find. The monster assisted in the project by murdering a young woman and stealing her still-beating heart. Victor sewed the body parts together and brought the hideous "she-thing" to life. Watching her shamble across the floor, Victor realized that he couldn't possibly allow two such creatures to exist. He flew at the monster, stabbing her repeatedly with his knife until she fell over dead.[1]

When the monster learned what Victor had done, he flew into a rage, his need for revenge against Victor Frankenstein intensified, and he satisfied this need by strangling Victor's close friend, Henry Clerval.[1] He then tracked down Victor and his new bride, Elizabeth on their wedding night, and brutally murdered her as well.[2]


Seemingly those of Frankenstein's Monster.

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