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Quote1.png The idea was an observation device to see how problems were solved on other Earths. Quote2.png
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Created by Reed Richards to either observe or enter alternate and parallel worlds. It gave him insight into what went wrong, causing the Initiative, Civil War, and the Skrull Invasion, ultimately leading to Norman Osborn being put into a position of power.[1] He also used it to contact the Interdimensional Council of Reeds to accept their offer of membership.[2]

The Mad Celestials of an alternate universe used the Bridge to enter Earth-616 in an attempt to conquer the universe.[3] However, they were defeated by the Future Franklin Richards and Galactus.[4]

Reed ultimately dismantled it, but decided to rebuild it in order to witness how other universes dealt with the Incursion events to aid his efforts with the Illuminati.[5] Almost a year later Reed would create a portable version of it due to the Illuminati's need to be constantly on the move to avoid pursuit.[6]


  • Reed Richards found that only about 36 other universes had managed to achieve peace after Civil War.
  • Works by searching within certain parameters, such as looking for incursions or other events. It can theoretically view past and future incursions this way, such as when it observed the Black Swans usual methods of betrayal.[7]
  • Multiple versions of Reed Richards have conceived of the Bridge, being one of the factors that led to the formation of the Council of Reeds.[2][8] The most recent confirmed version was conceived by the one called The Maker.[9]

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