Bridget Malone was a young woman who grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the midst of the troubles. Many of her male relatives were imprisoned or killed for their part in paramilitary activity, and Bridget herself was suspected of involvement with the IRA. Bridget went on the run when she was suspected of involvement in a shootout with police. While on the run, Bridget came across the mystical artifact the Kestrel Key of Krakkan, and when she touched it she was transformed into Conquest, the living embodiment of battle, one of the Exemplars.[1]

Conquest soon fought against Thor when she abducted Juggernaut when he was mid-battle with the thunder god, and with the hero Spider-Man in the Daily Bugle building when the Exemplars started working on their God Machine, a device for controlling minds. [2]

When the Exemplars moved their God Machine to the North Pole so they could take control of Earth's population, they were opposed by the Avengers, Spider-Man, and Nova. The Exemplars overcame the heroes, with Conquest personally taking out Nova and Quicksilver. However, the last Avenger standing, Captain America, however, talked one of the Exemplars, Bedlam into turning against her teammates. The Exemplars subsequently disappeared. [3]


As the "living embodiment of battle", Conquest possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, and durability. She is also skilled in the use of a myriad of weapons.


As Conquest, Bridget's fighting ability was greatly enhanced.

Strength level

Conquest is superhumanly strong, to an unknown level.


Conquest's costume is covered in various weapons, including swords, staves, batons, whips, shuriken and daggers. Unlike the others who left the objects that empowered them in the temples, Conquest seems to carry the Kestral Key of Krakkan with her at all times.

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