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Sea Witch's human form

While awaiting the next visit of the Celestials to Earth, the deities of Earth decided to find a way to convince the visitors that humankind was worthy of survival. Over the span of ten centuries, these deities selected twelve ordinary men and women as a sample of humanity. Each of the chosen had mastered one of humanity's greatest fields of achievement, and were endowed with godlike powers.[2]

Bridget O'Hare was born in 12th-century Ireland. She grew into a wild, hot-tempered, and lusty teenager who loved dancing. She also mastered the skill of sailing and loved the sea.[2] Her passionate nature and fun-loving tendencies tend to serve as a mask for another part of her persona; she has insecurities which she keeps to herself, such as an apparent fear of men.[2] When she was 17-years-old, Bridget was chosen by the deities as a member of their sample of humanity.[2]

Sea Witch fell in love with her fellow Young God, Highnote and they became romantically involved.

Powers and Abilities


Sea Witch's body was adapted so that she could live underwater. She also had the power to control water in any state (whether solid, liquid, gas).

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