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As the head of H.A.M.M.E.R., Norman Osborn recruited young people with powers in order to make them the next generation of superheroes under his control. Some he pushed and tortured in order to develop their powers. Once Norman was out out power, the Avengers went through his files and found the most dangerous, those who has failed their psych profiles, and who had the power to destroy city blocks. The Avengers determined to train these kids to prevent them from becoming dangerous supervillains.[2]

However, some did not accept the Avengers offers. Instead of joining the Avengers Academy, Jeremy Briggs decided to form his own multinational humanitarian cooperation with the goal of improving the world through alternative means and escaping from the "good guy/bad guy" binary thinking.[3]

Vs. Avengers Academy

Months after the Avengers Academy formed, Briggs approached the students in order to manipulate them into joining him. They refused and animosity quickly grew between Briggs and the students. Although Briggs did leave them with a standing offer to join him when they wanted.[3]

After only nearly surviving the Serpent's minions attack, Veil decided to accept Briggs offer and leave the Avengers Academy.[4]

Briggs was successful in recruiting previous Initiative recruits Komodo, Hardball, Cloud-9 and Prodigy.[5]

Shortly after the Avengers Academy relocated to the Avengers Compound in Los Angeles, Jocasta began investigating the viability of the Avengers Academy concept.[6] Deciding that Avengers Academy was too dangerous to exist, Jocasta, Jeremy Briggs and others came to the Avengers Compound to attempt to recruit more students.[5]

Briggs was only successful in recruiting Rocket Racer who was allured by the monetary aspects of the offer, and Machine Teen who wanted to continue to study Jocasta. The two groups parted on uneasy terms, but agreed to work together as needed in the future.[5]

Following Jeremy Briggs' death,[7] the fate of the team is unrevealed.


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