During an outbreak in New Orleans, Detective Brigid O'Reilly was exposed to a mixture of Darkforce and Lightforce released by the Roxxon Corporation. She was then shot by James Connors and fell into water,[1] the shock of which triggered her to split into two beings. One version of Brigid was rescued and placed into recovery, but lost her motivation, rage and marksmanship skills. The other emerged from the water by herself, full of rage and superhuman strength, but lacking empathy or moral inhibition. Both possessed the identical set of memories up until the split, but while one version of Brigid was in recovery, the other went back to her home and quickly found out what happened. She then decided to drop off the grid and pursue her would-be-killed Connors by herself, not knowing that he was absorbed by Tyrone Johnson into the Darkforce Dimension. After exchausting her leads and killing Connors' former partner for his past crimes, she confined to Francis Xavier Delgado about her lack of purpose. The former priest advised her to take on her rage on those who deserved it, and Bridig used her detective skills and her newfound Strength to become a brutal vigilante. She spend the next eight months uncovering a sex trafficking ring in New Orleans, eventually leading her to attack and slaughter a meeting between Uptown Block Kings and Money Hustle Gangs.[2] She then revealed her existence to the other O'Reilly, whom she viewes as weak, for the first time, subduing her and taking her place in the NOPD. She teamed up with Tandy Bowen who was tracking the same case, but as she was killing one of the men responsible, Tyrone Johnson freed the other O'Reilly and teleported her right next to them, revealing the Doppelganger's existence to Tandy and Tyrone for the first time,[3] who later dubbed her "Mayhem".[3]


Superhuman Strength: Mayhem is strong enough to throw a refrigerator across the room[2]

Razor-Sharp Fingernails: Mayhem's green fingernails are sharp enough to slit a man's throat[3]


  • Detective Skills


  • Mayhem was left with no sense of guilt about her actions

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