Brigid O'Reilly was a detective who used to work in Harlem, before eventually deciding to move down to and work in New Orleans.[1][2]

One of O'Reilly's first cases in New Orleans involved the stabbing of Rick Cotton in an alleyway, which was the result of him trying to rape Tandy Bowen, because she had robbed him before. After talking to Rick in the hospital, and interrogating his associates and Tandy's partner-in-crime Liam Walsh; and before she could go ahead any further with the case, O'Reilly was approached by Detective Connors with Rick's ID, claiming he had found it on the body of a dead drug addict, and that what had actually happened to Rick was a robbery gone wrong, convincing her to drop the case. However O'Reilly was right afterwards contacted by Tandy via the business card given to her mother Melissa, to tell her side of the story of what happened between her and Rick.[3][4]

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