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Brigid was the daughter of Thor, who perished during the cataclysm that scorched the Earth and covered it in lethal radiation. The few survivors relocated to an underground faclity located under New York City where their numbers slowly dwindled until 2051 A.D., when Captain Marvel defeated the creature that attacked them and restarted the sun at the cost of her own life.

Brigid Thorsdottir (Earth-20368) from Captain Marvel Vol 10 23 001

Proving unable to lift her father's hammer, Mjolnir, Brigid relegated herself to working as a blacksmith for the survivors. When Captain Marvel's younger self arrived at 2052 A.D. due to the machincations of Ove and the Enchantress, she was invited to Ove's haven, New Atlantis. Carol recruited Brigid as part of the group that accompanied her to Ove's territory.[1]

In New Atlantis, the heroes were captured since Ove intended to sacrifice Captain Marvel for a time-travelling spell to go to the past himself.[2] While battling the forces of Ove and the Enchantress, Brigid called for Mjolnir when she was being swarmed by mosters. Mjolnir responded and came to Brigid, granting her the powers of Thor.[3] In the aftermath of the Enchantress' sacrifice to send Ove herself to the past, the survivors from Emma's group moved to New Atlantis and Captain Marvel was returned to her time.[4]


  • Brigid shares her name with a Pre-Christian Irish Goddess who is a Goddess of Smithing, likely her inspiration given she works as a smith. This is unusual as she is not a Norse goddess.

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