Brilliance took part in A.I.M.'s assault on Pym Labs, where she commanded agents to attack Poundcakes and Letha. During her escape, Brilliance threw a capsule from her belt that contained Gooey Gary, a large gelatinous monster that attacked Wasp and Mockingbird.[2] The same sort of creature had previously been seen attacking another lab during Janet and Nadia's night out. Presumably this was a creation of Brilliance as well.[3]

Brilliance later took part in the attack on the G.I.R.L. Expo at the Javits Convention Center, hijacking Shay Smith's teleporter along with the other A.I.M. lieutenants.[4]

Brilliance kept G.I.R.L.'s girls in check by bringing out a perfectly functioning mini-volcano inside the Expo, threatening to make it erupt by destroying the whole Expo and killing people inside.[5]

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