Nothing is known of Brimstone Love's early life. In the late 21st century he formed the Theatre of Pain, an updating of Grand Guignol with psychic effects. One of his captive "artists," La Lunática, could draw forth painful memories that Brimstone Love could then record for use in his theater.

After becoming aware of mutants in the vicinity, Brimstone Love sent La Lunática to capture some for his patrons' enjoyment. She returned with Bloodhawk, Krystalin, Meanstreak, and Skullfire. During Skullfire's "performance" his power erupted, blowing off the collars that kept the mutants, as well as La Lunática, imprisoned. All five escaped.[1][2]

To recapture La Lunática, his best artist, Brimstone Love sent trackers after her. He caught up with her when she, Skullfire, and Xi'an found Driver, who had uploaded mutants into his computer for later revival. Brimstone Love destroyed the computer, effectively killing over two hundred people. He changed his mind about getting La Lunática back and instead asked Xi'an to join the Theatre of Pain. Xi'an agreed.[3][4]

After putting Xi'an through a harrowing initiation, Brimstone Love faced the other X-Men, who attempted to rescue Xi'an. He temporarily recaptured La Lunática, but when Xi'an turned against him, he teleported to an undisclosed location.[5][6][7][8]

Brimstone Love's current whereabouts and activities are unknown.


Brimstone Love has implied that La Lunatica is his daughter. While never confirmed it has also been implied that La Lunatica is not Brimstone Love's only child. The mutant savant Book and the villain Vulcann the Bloodsmith have both made comments that indicate Brimstone Love had more offspring than La Lunatica.

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Brimstone Love can generate heat, light, fire, and molten rock. He appears to be a demon, which may explain his great strength and toughness.



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