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Briquette joined the group of female mercenaries known as the Hell's Belles and trained with their mentor Cyber.

When her former teammate Shrew left the group and agreed to testify against them in court, Briquette and the Belles were dispatched to retrieve her. Briquette and Tremolo ambushed X-Factor in the hotel they were using to guard Shrew. Briquette traded blows with Strong Guy, but quickly melted the floor which caused the pair to fall to the basement.[1] Cyber joined in the fight, pricking Strong Guy with a poisoned talon. Strong Guy then warned Briquette that she was heating up the hotel's boiler. Briquette continued to heat it with her hands until it started to explode, allowing Cyber and Briquette to escape.

That night, the Hell's Belles met with X-Factor to discuss trading Shrew for Strong Guy's antidote. However, Strong Guy revealed a toxicologist had already cured the poison from his system, and a battle ensued. Briquette and Vague were swarmed by Multiple Man's dupes wearing insulated suits. Tremolo defeated the duplicates, and Briquette turned her attention to Quicksilver. She grabbed the speedster and began to melt his body until Strong Guy knocked her away. After Cyber's defeat, Briquette and her teammates were presumably taken into custody.[2]

Several years later, Briquette joined Nightcrawler's support group, Mindfulness for Mutant Appearances . Briquette joined the group for a safe space to express herself without non-mutants judging her looks. During the first meeting, Briquette became angry at Stacy X's inclusion, as she looked like an average human. After Stacy X revealed her depression at losing her powers and appearance after Decimation, Briquette reconciled and embraced her.[3]


Briquette was among the several mutants to join the X-Men on the mutant nation of Krakoa.[4]


Superhuman Strength and molten hot skin which could melt metal objects on contact.

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