Briseïs was the wife of Mynes, king of Lyrnessus, a city neighboring Troy.[1]

At the beginning of the Trojan War, Achilles and his Myrmidons ravaged the cities around Troy, including Lyrnessus. Achilles killed himself Mynes and captured many men and women for slaves.[1]

Along with Chryseïs, daughter of Chryses, the priest of Apollo in the city of Chryse, Briseïs was among the most beautiful women enslaved by the Achaeans.[1]

When the lots were cast for the prisoners, Achilles received Briseïs while Chryseïs went to Agamemnon, which sparked resentment from Achilles (who made most of the fighting) towards Agamemnon (who collected the best share). Achilles asked Patroclus to return her to his camp, where she was treated well.[1]

In the ninth year of the war, as Apollo's arrows were raining on the Achaeans, caused by Chryses, Agamemnon surrendered Chryseïs, and took Briseïs in replacement, causing a quarrel decreed by Zeus between them.[1]

Later, when Achilles died, Briseïs wept more than any, except for Achilles' mother Thetis.[2]

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