After the beloved hero Britannia was recruited to lead the Britannia Project,[1] she recruited the welsh Choir, scottish Kelpie and northern irish Snakes.[2]

Unfortunately tragedy stroke the team in its early stages. During their planned first public appearance, Knull's invasion began and Britannia was killed by a symbiote dragon.[1] While fighting Knull's forces too, Choir was infected by a symbiote and fell under Knull's control. Her teammates' unusual physiologies however allowed them to resist Knull and devise a plan to break her free. Once that was taken care of, the trio quit the team, claiming they were only doing it for Britannia. Union Jack was then informed that, as the newly appointed leader, he had to bring them back.[2]

Following the defeat of Doc Croc and Steve Darwin the team was officially disbanded but unofficially they would still protect Britain should the need arise.[3]

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