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20th Century[]

Broadway was one of the many areas in New York City that was devastated by an attack by Doctor Manyac and his Green Flames in 1940. Manyac's rampage was stopped by the Human Torch.[1]

Modern Age[]

On the corner of Broadway and 46th Street, the X-Men confronted and defeated Unus the Untouchable.[2]

Steve Rogers and Bernie Rosenthal came to a certain Broadway theater to watch the 'Oklahoma!' show.[3]

While Alicia Masters and the Thing were leaving a theater where they just watched a matinee play, he was attacked by a water elemental sent by Diablo.[4]

A while later, the Warriors Three walked along Broadway after the battle against Surtur's Fire Demons.[5]

Some time later, during the Metamorphosis act by Nadia Dornova, a random number of people suddenly began to disappear in thin air. Escaping from the mass panic out the theater, the Russian actress was abducted by the Abomination, who took her down the sewers, soon followed by the Hulk.[6]

Years later, while the Hulk was seen shorting out energy all over the place, Doc Samson and Colonel St. Lawrence tried to stop him here.[7]

Some time later, the Thing and Debbie Green flew over Broadway on the Fantasti-Car to the David Letterman's Late Show.[8]

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