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Crossbones is one of the top agents of the terrorist organization Hydra, and the most loyal henchmen of the Red Skull. [1]

When Red Skull began his master plan to destroy the Earth, he ordered Crossbones to break the Celebrity Five, out of prison transport so he could steal their Biocodes for himself. Crossbones was also ordered to kill Mystique after she had stolen 5 supervillain DISKs for Red Skull, but his attack on her failed due to the arrival of Sunfire and the Avengers. [1]

Crossbones led the Hydra Agents that kidnapped Bridget Chan, a scientist whose knowledge of the Gaia lines was impartant to Red Skull’s plan. Due to a mole that Red Skull had within S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra was aware of the fact that Hawkeye and Falcon were planning a rescue mission. Crossbones thus waited for Hawkeye, and while Falcon managed to escape with Chan, Hawkeye was seemingly killed by Crossbones. [2]

However, in reality Hawkeye had managed to defeat Crossbones and D-Secured him. Then, in order to get close to Red Skull, he faked his own death and disguised himself as Crossbones. Hawkeye revealed himself when Red Skull, who had taken Hikaru hostage, was about to order Thor to kill the other Avengers. He shot Red Skull in the back and showed him Crossbones' DISK. [3]



Seemingly those of those of the Brock Rumlow of Earth-616.



Various firearms.

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