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Crossbones was a member of Hydra.

Civil War

Crossbones was part of the Hydra group that captured Wonder Man, Black Panther, Agent 13 and Spider-Man.

The same group later attacked the Avengers Academy and caused a rift between Iron Man and Captain America on how to properly defend the Academy.

Odin tried to convince Crossbones to leave Hydra telling him he still had some good in him, later taking advantage of the fact that he was a mercenary, the Academy students were able to bribe him into finally switching sides, he joined the Academy and helped them against Hydra.


Diretor Fury created the Thunderbolts because he wanted a team that would do the dirty work that the more good hearted students wouldn't, so the team consisted mostly of former criminals that wanted to turn their life around.

Crossbones became one of it's members and was tasked with recruiting more members to the team.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Brock Rumlow of Earth-616.


  • Loki's nickname for Brock was Bonehead.[1]

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