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Haiku in digital realm

Broken Haiku was one of the most prestigious netgliders of the late 21st century, spoken of in the same breath as Duke Stratosphere or Firelight. In 2097 when the fabric of Cyberspace was threatened by the Domino Crash joined forces with other net-gliders (Duke Stratosphere, Shiva Blue, Dot 33 and Firelight) to prevent the total destruction of the net.

Off-line, Haiku was a member of the biker gang known as the Lawless. She had a relationship with the group leader, Xi'an Chi Xan, until he abandoned her in a fight to save his own skin.[1] Victor Ten Eagles rescued her, but Haiku retreated from the material world after that. She entombed herself in a neuro-net iron maiden, interacting with others solely through cyberspace.[2]

When Xi'an came looking for help from Haiku after the Lawless disbanded, she was amazed by his arrogance. Haiku almost burned out his retinas through the cybersim shades he used to interface with her. Instead, she gave him the data he wanted on the Driver, but also tipped off the Driver himself that Xi'an was coming for him.[3]

Later, Broken Haiku provided Shakti Haddad information on the Theatre of Pain after Xi'an joined up with them.[1]

When the Foolkiller began hunting the surviving members of the Lawless, Victor Ten Eagles tried to contact Haiku. For the first time in years, however, Broken Haiku was off-line. A flash of Haiku's coffee shop in El Paso showed her faithful Ulysses dead, and Haiku apparently dead with him.[4]

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