Brona is one of the Enchanters, Asgard-based sorcerers who sought power through their Living Talisman. One of the middle brothers, he wielded a mace in battle.[2]

It was Brona who discovered the invisible barrier separating the inner realms from the far dimensions. The separation was named Brona's Barrier, after its discoverer.[1]

After being defeated by Thor he was exiled to the Lost Limbo of Infinity Unending alongside Magnir.[2]

Eventually freed by Enrakt he and Magnir ambushed Odin, transporting him extradimensionally to battle. He was defeated by Odin after Thor and the Scarlet Witch joined the fight, and Odin shattered both his mask and his Living Talisman. When threatened with death he told the story of how Enrakt came to be associated with Ceranda before being banished back to the Lost Limbo of Infinity Unending alongside Magnir.[3]


Each of the Enchanters wield varying levels of magical powers. They are presumably immune to aging, disease, etc. They can fire bolts of energy, manipulate inanimate matter, mutate and control humans, levitate large masses of Earth into the air, travel between many dimensions, and various other effects.

Strength level

Class 30-40


Living Talismans

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