Bronaja was an Inhuman from Attilan. He and his sister Iridia were exposed to the Terrigen Mist at the same Terrigenesis Ceremony. Although the Terrigen gave Iridia large wings that labeled her as a "flier" in Attilan's rigid caste system, Bronaja emerged from his Terrigenesis chamber apparently unchanged. When Attilan's prince Maximus - himself unaffected by the mists - put his hand on Bronaja's back to comfort him, Bronaja was given a seizure-inducing vision of snakes pinning Maximus against a wall. Although the Genetic Council deemed his abilities useless to their society, Maximus grew to believe in Bronaja's visions, and used him as a guide during his coup to overthrow King Black Bolt. After the coup, Maximus found Bronaja and his father in the city's mine tunnels, and promised them that Bronaja and all of Attilan's lower caste citizens would have a place in his bold vision for the Inhumans' future.[1][2]


Precognition: Bronaja is given seizure inducing visions when entering contact with other beings.[1][2]

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