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20th Century

The Bronx Zoo was terrorized by the Sub-Mariner in 1940 during his battle with the Human Torch. [2] Later the lion named Zar was imprisoned here before he was freed by his ally, the jungle man known as Ka-Zar. [3]

Modern Age

Near the lion cage at the Bronx Zoo, Daredevil confronted and defeated Darius Giacomo.[4]

Alternate Realities

Bronx Zoo from Spider-Man 2099 Vol 3 13 001.jpg


In Earth-TRN590, the Bronx Zoo was renamed the Nueva York Zoo. When the Captain America of Earth-23291 traveled to this reality, she landed in the tiger pen, punching one before leaving. Shortly afterwards, the Spider-Man of Earth-928 arrived in the same place. He was quickly knocked out by Public Eye Sergeant Jake Gallows, who suspected allies of Roberta would follow.[1]

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