The Broodlings of Chthon are an ancient mostly-female race of creatures created by Chthon to serve and worship him and the other Old Ones,[2] guarding the Temple of Chthon on an island hidden in the Timor Sea. For centuries they have drawn human sailors to their island, sacrificing them to their god after raping them to propagate their species.[3]

When Carnage arrived on their island, the Broodlings ambushed him with what was believed to be the intent of sacrificing him to Chthon and eating him,[4] though this was later revealed to be a purification ritual. After Carnage's escape, the Broodlings herded him and Raze to the Temple of Chthon at the center of the island, where he was greeted by Obrien, the sole male Broodling and high priest. Rather than let himself be sacrificed to awaken Chthon, Carnage massacred many of the Broodlings present, causing the rest to flee in terror, and used their blood to summon Chthon.[5] Many of the remaining Broodlings were subsequently devoured by Chthon, making it unknown how many survived.[6]

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