Daniel and Jericho Drumm, also known as Brother Voodoo[1] and Brother Hoodoo[2] was (were?) a magically-related superhero[3] and a long lost distaff sibling of Sister Voodoo[1]

He first fought Doctor Deranged during an all-out superhero battle,[3] and later was seen in the secret, unsuspected sanctum sancyouverymuch of Doctor Deranged playing with a voodoo doll and needles, at a point where Deranged did not want either Hoodoo's visit or any other of the mystically-oriented super-powered un-welcomed guests. Deranged ran away from his own home.[4] Around that time, a toy figure representing Brother Hoodoo was seen in the hands of comic-book artist Fred Hembeck, who was supporting an advertising for Terry Austin's inker school. In the image, Hembeck was sticking a needle on Brother Hoodo.[5]

At a later point, Goregoon of the Quasi-Humans casually mentioned that Brother Hoodoo's credit rating was very low.[2]


Fred Hembeck (Earth-9047) 1

Fred Hembeck likes this character. Oh, the irony.

He has mystic powers related to Hoodoo (folk magic).[3]


Low credit ratings.[2]


A voodoo doll.[4]



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