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One of the many sons of the sorcerer and crimelord Zheng Zu, Takeshi was raised in the House of the Deadly Sabre in Japan, eventually becoming its Champion, "Brother Sabre". [1] After his anointment, Brother Sabre was ordered by his father to kill his half-sister, Zheng Zhilan, for expressing her wish to reform the Five Weapons Society. Instead, Sabre spared Zhilan and kept a piece of her broken flue as a memento of his failure. Unbeknownst to the two, Zu ordered Zhilan's death due to her status as a mutant.[2]

Sometime in the past, Brother Sabre was in a relationship with Lady Iron Fan. Despite their breakup, Brother Sabre still had feelings for her and kept the necklace she had given him.[3]

When Sister Hammer named herself as the new Supreme Commander of the Five Weapons Society over its rightful successor, Shang-Chi, Brother Sabre and Sister Dagger approached their half-brother to usurp Hammer. Shang-Chi reluctantly joined them to free his remaining family from his father's cult.[4]

Brother Sabre was jovial and easygoing towards his half-brother, and even revealed his birth name, Takeshi, to him.[1] When the three were directed to their uncle Zheng Yi's tomb in Henan, they were attacked by a monster guardian created by their father. During the fight, the beast showed Brother Sabre a vision of Shang-Chi bringing the world to ruin as the new Supreme Commander. Despite their slaying of the monster, Brother Sabre was disturbed by the vision and began to be wary of Shang-Chi.[5]

Nonetheless, Brother Sabre helped Shang-Chi defend London from Sister Hammer and her Jiangshi army. After their victory, Shang-Chi was named the new Supreme Commander of the Five Weapons Society and offered Brother Sabre a place at his side, who happily accepted and drank himself into a drunken stupor following the celebration.[6]

Discovering that the Iron Eighty-Eight triad were auctioning off a Cosmic Cube, Shang-Chi and Brother Sabre traveled to Macau to prevent the Cube from being purchased by the attending criminal organizations. The two attended the auction while representing the Five Weapons Society, pretending to maintain the Society's' villainous nature to not arouse the suspicions of the other attendees and hostess Lady Iron Fan, who Brother Sabre reunited with. When the Society was unexpectedly outbid for the Cube, Shang-Chi used a hidden communicator cuff link to alert Captain America, who interrupted the auction and helped Shang-Chi apprehend the criminals. While Brother Sabre was hurt that Shang-Chi did not inform him of Captain America's involvement, he reluctantly helped them capture Lady Iron Fan and secured the Cube for Captain America. Afterwards, Brother Sabre argued with Shang-Chi for planning behind his back and ruining his relationship with Lady Iron Fan but calmed down after Shang-Chi ordered him to stand down. Unbeknownst to Shang-Chi, Sabre kept the Cube for himself and used its power to trick Captain America into taking a duplicate and helped Lady Iron Fan escape.[3]

When footage of Zhilan resurfaced on social media, Brother Sabre traveled with Shang-Chi and Sister Dagger to Ireland to bring her back to the Society. The reunion escalated into an all-out confrontation, which was interrupted by Wolverine, who revealed that Zhilan was a mutant and believed the siblings were trying to kill her. Shang-Chi proved that his intentions were pure to Wolverine and Zhilan, who accepted Shang-Chi's offer to rejoin the Society as its new Sister Staff, much to Brother Sabre's apprehension.[2]

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Highly trained assassin, martial artist and swordsman.



Wields a nine-ringed broadsword

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