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Havok was kidnapped and brainwashed by Dark Beast, forcing him to participate in the Dark Descendants on the side of Onslaught.[1]

After shaking off his conditioning, Havok decided to own his new villainous image, creating the impression that he had abandoned Xavier's dream and formed the Brotherhood as a proactive mutant team against humanity, abandoning the "evil mutants" tag. With the telepathic Ever, Havok faked an assassination attempt on Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson which was stopped by the X-Men.[2]

Havok then recruited the Dark Beast and his assassin Fatale into the Brotherhood in order to keep closer watch on the Dark Beast's activities.[3]

He briefly hosted Nate Grey as a member, but the association didn't pan out.[4]

After Havok's true motives were revealed and the Dark Beast was defeated, Havok disbanded the Brotherhood.[5]

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