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Eighteen years ago, the Badoon Empire implemented the genocide of the Zen-Whoberis people. The only survivor, a young girl named Gamora was found by Thanos who raised her as an assassin.[5]

When the entire Badoon Royal Line had gathered on Moord to welcome the ascension of a new Brother Royale, Thanos brought Gamora there as a gift, to allow her to fulfill her revenge. Meanwhile, on his deathbed the previous Monarch confessed that he had an illegitimate daughter L'Wit who was send to Ubliex, a planet where nobody could escape as it was falling into a black hole. Gamora killed the new Monarch and everyone else of Royal blood who was on Moord, throwing the stability of the Empire into jeopardy. The Ruling Council agreed that in a situation like this, a female Regent of Royal descent would be acceptable and hired a bounty hunter Klaxon to retrieve L'Wit from Ubliex.[5]

After Klaxon confirmed that he had acquired the target, the Ruling Council revealed that his payment was the way off the dying planet: the Elemental, an item of great power that could only be used once was the only way to have a starship escape the black hole's gravity. The Elemental was dropped off on Ubliex by a drone,[6] but although L'Wit eventually left the planet, she had no desire to become part of Badoon Royal Family and escaped to forge her own destiny.[7]

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