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Information-silk.png Official Team Name
Information-silk.png Editorial Names
Future Brotherhood,[2] Future Brotherhood of Evil,[3] Future Brotherhood of Mutants[4]
Information-silk.png Team Aliases
New Brotherhood,[5] X-Men,[6] Future X-Men,[7] Evil X-Men,[8] The Brotherhood,[1] The Brotherhood of Evil X-Men from the Future[9]
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Information-silk.png Identity
Information-silk.png Universe
Information-silk.png Base of Operations
Mobile; formerly Madripoor of Earth-13729
Information-silk.png Team Leader(s)
Xavier; formerly Xorn, Beast, Snot
Information-silk.png Former Members

Quote1.png To me, my Brotherhood. Quote2.png
-- Charles Xavier II


Believing the X-Men of their timeline had disgraced his father's name and all that he worked for, Charles Xavier II joined his half-brother Raze to start a new Brotherhood, mind-controlling Beast, Bruiser, Ice Thing, Deadpool, and Xorn into joining the team.[10]

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