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Mutant Supremacy[]

X-Men Legacy Vol 1 209 Textless

Enraged at humanity due to their constant aggressions against mutants, the powerful master of magnetism Magneto decided to gather minions to promote his cause of mutant superiority.[4] His first recruit was the resourceful Astra,[5] whose interplanetary teleportation powers granted Magneto with fine pieces of alien technology.[6] Magneto also took in the fool Toad after rescuing him from a lynching mob.[7] At some point, the immoral illusionist Mastermind joined Magneto. Soon after, he saved a couple of young twins from their own superstitious village. In return, the speedster Quicksilver and the chaotic Scarlet Witch swore loyalty to Magneto.[8] Due to her disrespectful attitude, Astra was expelled from the group before its debut. Without her,[5] the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was complete, being based at Island M and ready to bring terror by subjugating the human race to the will of mutants. Although ruthless and rigid, Magneto could not ensure harmony among the Brotherhood members as they despised each other.[9]

After confronting his nemesis Professor Xavier's X-Men by himself,[10] Magneto had his Brotherhood act by invading the South American nation of Santo Marco. As its tyrant, he met opposition with the X-Men, who battled the Brotherhood to depose Magneto and thwart his plans.[9] The Brotherhood retreated to Asteroid M to scheme a retaliation plan to destroy the X-Men. Baited by the Toad, the X-Men came out in the open to capture him, becoming vulnerable to Magneto and the Brotherhood, who managed to abduct the Angel. In the collapsing Asteroid M, the two teams clashed with each other again until parting ways to save themselves.[11]

Recovering at Island M, Magneto became obsessed with strengthening his operation with new blood. After learning that the ruler of Atlantis Namor the Sub-Mariner went missing, he made imperative to contact him. Magneto manipulated Namor's servants to convince him that the Brotherhood would be reliable allies in his war against the surface world. The X-Men intervened in his plans, being easily outmatched by the savage Namor. However, after noticing Magneto's cruelty and disrespect against the members of the Brotherhood, Namor rejected the alliance. As Magneto escaped, Namor chose to return to his realm, while Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were forced to remain their dreadful master out of gratitude.[12] To combat the X-Men, Magneto attempted an alliance with Thor, with no success since the God of Thunder perceived his unworthy intentions. During a fight between Thor and Magneto, the X-Men attacked the Brotherhood. In the end, Magneto escaped to rescue his lackeys.[13]

Determined to destroy the X-Men, Magneto saw the monolithic circus artist known as the Blob as a next candidate for recruitment. The Blob was initially interested to get revenge at the X-Men for having tampered with his memories, which led to a battle. However, during the confrontation, Magneto purposely hurt the Blob with torpedoes to harm the X-Men and flee. Disillusioned, the Blob chose to walk his own path with no allies.[14] Mastermind contacted the wrestler Unus the Untouchable, who had sparked Magneto's interest. Unus tried to prove his worth to the Brotherhood by challenging the X-Men. However, the X-Men disrupted his control over his power of creating a personal force field and blackmailed him into declining the offer in exchange for reversing the treatment.[15]

In an encounter with the enigmatic Stranger, Magneto attempted to convince him to join the Brotherhood. His approach was aggressive, though, which prompted the Stranger to counterattack. Mastermind was transformed into stone during the battle, while Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch chose to defect after the X-Men intervened. The X-Men could not prevent the Stranger to return to his alien home with Magneto and Toad as his hostages. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was no more.[16] Away from mutant dilemmas, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch joined a revamped version of the superheroic Avengers.[17]

Evil Mutants[]

After a tenure with the subversive organization Factor Three (intended to become a third major world power), Blob, Mastermind, and Unus banded together as a new Brotherhood. Following a failed attempt to settle the score with the X-Men, the trio were able to make the Beast believe he had killed the Avenger Iron Man and manipulated him into joining until he realized the truth and single-handedly defeated them.[18]

Eventually returning to Earth, Magneto re-formed the Brotherhood with Blob, Mastermind, Unus, and the Savage Land Mutate Lorelei to assist him in the creation of a being with unlimited power that he dubbed Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant.[19] In an encounter with the Defenders, the rapidly evolving Alpha unleashed his powers, reducing the Brotherhood to a state of infancy.[2]

Mastermind, Unus, Blob, and Lorelei were later restored to their proper ages and were recruited by the Vanisher to seek revenge on the X-Men, but were defeated by the Champions.[20]

Mutant Force[]

Restored to adulthood by the Shi'ar agent Erik the Red,[21] Magneto eventually resumed his mission for mutant supremacy. He reformed the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with new lackeys. However, when Captain America defeated them in their failed to subvert the two-bodied creature known as Mister One and Mister Two, they were abandoned by Magneto.[22] The team remained together as the Mutant Force, acting as mutant mercenaries under different employers and masters.[23][24][24] For a while, they were manipulated into becoming mutant activists, rebranding themselves as the Resistants.[25]

For detailed information about the reformed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, see Mutant Force

Mutant Terrorists[]

The mutant shape-shifter Mystique carried on the terrorist legacy of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants by reforming it as an organization that made use of hard and soft powers.[26] Mystique's actions were influenced by the precognitive information her spouse Destiny would provide her with. The couple dedicated their lives to unveil the mysteries about the future of mutantkind and direct its outcomes, something that brought them misery.[27] Mystique recruited the mercenaries Pyro, who controlled the living flame, and Avalanche, who had a destructive touch.[26] Mystique's cause was entangled with criminal activities in Hong Kong, including an arms-dealing race against the Hellfire Club. Their operation was investigated by the hero Ms. Marvel,[28] who Mystique had previously attacked in the past.[29]

Alongside her criminal operations, Mystique forged an identity in the Pentagon, which allowed her to keep the Brotherhood functional there under the radar. Wishing to finally make a move against humanity,[26] she had the Brotherhood break the Blob free from prison to join them as their last member.[30] They targeted the anti-mutant politician Senator Robert Kelly for assassination in the senate. A possible outcome of the Brotherhood's attack was a dystopic world where mutants had their rights violated as a response to Kelly's assassination. The future version of the young X-Man Kitty Pryde psychically travelled in time to alert the X-Men and prevent the horrible future.[26] The X-Men fended off the Brotherhood in an epic battle for Kelly's life. The mutant terrorists were incarcerated, but Mystique managed to elude them and escape.[31]

Mystique and Destiny had been responsible for taking in a young runaway mutant named Rogue who had the ability to absorb the essence of others through physical touch.[32] Rogue wished to prove her worth as a member of the Brotherhood, but was not part of their missions. Destiny was aware that Ms. Marvel would be responsible to ruin Rogue's life,[28] which prompted Rogue to attack Ms. Marvel by herself and permanently absorb her memories, personality and powers. As her protégée counted with usurped abilities, Mystique took the opportunity to attack and neutralize the Avengers in order to have ways to break her allies in the Brotherhood free from prison. The Avengers were able to fight back to thwart their plan, but only partially, since Destiny was able to escape during Mystique's and Rogue's retreat.[33]

In a following attempt to liberate the Brotherhood, Mystique and Rogue infiltrated the Windust Maximum Security Prison to have access to the inmates. However, they were prevented from overcoming the authorities due to the efforts of the space knight Rom. As they ran away, Rogue, Mystique, and Destiny decided to resume their operations as a Sisterhood.[34] The Sisterhood sought revenge on the X-Men and decided that Angel would be an appropriate source of information. However, Angel's ally, the shining Dazzler, fended them off before they could harm him.[1] Mystique gave up on having either Angel or Dazzler as targets. On the other hand, Rogue vowed revenge against Dazzler, since she had become increasingly jealous of her popular and attractive lifestyle,[35] and bring about a fight by herself.[36] Rogue and Mystique stayed undercover in their operations.[37] Ultimately, Rogue abandoned her guardians,[38] since the unbearable struggle to cope with her attack on Ms. Marvel led her seek help with Xavier in controlling her powers, prompting him to accept her to the X-Men.[39]

Seeking revenge against the X-Men for the loss of Rogue, Mystique contracted the services of the maniac Arcade to train the Brotherhood in his Murderworld. Staging an incident, the Brotherhood tricked the X-Man Colossus into believing victims were trapped in a burning building. He was severely harmed by the combined attack of the now free Blob, Pyro and Avalanche.[40] As they targeted the other X-Men, Mystique had an opportunity to capture Professor Xavier at his school. When approached, Rogue explained to Mystique she was not going to return. In the end, Mystique traded Xavier's life for the freedom of her comrades.[41]

After being infiltrated in the Pentagon for a long time, Mystique chose to reveal herself to her colleague Val Cooper. In exchange for a full pardon, Mystique proposed to offer the Brotherhood's services as the first government-sponsored mutant team: Freedom Force. Their first assignment was to apprehend Magneto.[42] The team conducted various missions for the government, ultimately becoming enforcers of the Mutant Registration Act.[43] They acted side to side with the X-Men in some occasions, as rivals and allies.[44] However, Freedom Force met tragedy when operating on Muir Island, which had secretly succumbed to the machinations of the Shadow King. Destiny was killed in action[45] and Mystique went missing.[46] In a last mission, the operation went awry after they encountered the team Desert Sword.[47] Freedom Force's operatives either turned to Henry P. Gyrich's Project: Wideawake or to Toad's reformed Brotherhood.[48] Val Cooper maintained her mutant sanctioned team in the form of X-Factor,[49] which Mystique would eventually become a member of.[50]

For detailed information about Mystique's governmentally sanctioned team, see Freedom Force

Toad King[]

Eventually the Toad sought to form a new Brotherhood, recruiting Blob, Pyro, and forcing Karl Lykos to revert into Sauron. They attempted to recruit the Morlocks but were rebuffed until they agreed to take down the mutant Feral of the X-Force. During the battle, both Sauron and the Morlocks' leader Masque were seemingly killed;[51] however both later resurfaced.[52][53] Morlock member Phantazia remained with the Brotherhood after the assault on X-force and during a failed effort to recruit the X-Patriots into the Brotherhood, due to an attack by X-Factor.[52] They hatched a plan to use a teleporting mutant named Portal to gain powerful weapons and sneak attack the X-Men however, but they were thwarted by the Amazing Spider-Man, crime-fighting Darkhawk, and the enigmatic Sleepwalker.[54][55] Soon after, Toad's Brotherhood disbanded.[citation needed]

Hunt for Xavier[]

The next incarnation of the team came when Professor Xavier was imprisoned by the government-sanctioned Operation: Zero Tolerance. Freed by a new Brotherhood of Mutants led by the Blob and consisting of Toad, Post, and Mimic, Xavier agreed to train them to better their chances of survival against the then-sentient computer Cerebro.[56]

Dream's End[]

After Cerebro was defeated by Xavier, the Brotherhood was employed by Mystique to recover the remains of X-51, the Machine Man, after which she reorganized the team. Mystique recruited some of her old teammates along with Sabretooth, Toad, Post, and Mastermind (Martinique Jason) with a view to launching another assassination attempt on then-presidential candidate Senator Kelly. As Mystique, Sabretooth and Toad created a diversion by attacking the Muir Island Research Facility, Post, Blob, Avalanche, and Mastermind targeted Kelly. In response, the X-Men split into two groups to stop the Brotherhood but were unable to prevent the destruction of Muir. They would have been too late to save Kelly if not for the timely arrival of former Brotherhood member Pyro, who was in the final stages of the deadly mutant-killing Legacy Virus and sought to redeem himself before he died. Pyro sacrificed his life to incinerate Post, thus preventing Kelly's death. Despite this selfless act, Kelly was ultimately killed by an anti-mutant protester who believed him to be a race traitor.[citation needed]

Following Mystique's imprisonment, many of the Brotherhood members were recruited by former X-Man Banshee into the paramilitary X-Corps group.[citation needed]

The next incarnation of the Brotherhood was led by Mystique again. This Brotherhood had infiltrated the X-Corps and took over the group, before it was defeated by the X-Men and Mystique sucked into another dimension by X-Corps recruit Abyss (landing the two into the arms of Azazel, who was the father of both Abyss and Mystique's biological son Nightcrawler).[citation needed]

Following her being rescued from her former lover's realm, Mystique became a reluctant agent of Professor X, doing black-ops missions for him. While employed, Mystique claimed that the second and third Brotherhood formed by her were actually formed by someone trying to frame her, something Xavier dismissed as lies designed by Mystique to gain sympathy from Xavier.[citation needed]

Special Class[]

After infiltrating Xavier's school in the guise of the mutant healer Xorn, a Magneto impostor adopted the Institute's special class of students - Basilisk, Ernst, Martha Johansson, Beak, and Angel - as his Brotherhood. Joined by Toad and Esme of the Stepford Cuckoos, the faux Magneto attempted a hostile takeover of Manhattan. However, his inability to control the resulting chaos resulted in the fracturing of the Brotherhood after he inadvertently killed Basilisk and was himself decapitated by Wolverine.[citation needed]

Heroes and Villains[]

The legacy of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was carried on by Magneto's former Acolyte and faithful disciple Exodus. He brought Magneto's gospel on supremacy through terrorist acts alongside Black Tom, Sabretooth, Avalanche, Mammomax, and Nocturne. The X-Men forced them to retreat after a fight in Philadelphia. In seek of revenge, the Brotherhood of Mutants planned to destroy the Xavier Institute, having the unstoppable Juggernaut a mole in the X-Men.[57] In fact, both Juggernaut and Nocturne were infiltrators who wished to stop the Brotherhood. Their charade was revealed when Juggernaut's friend, the student Sammy, found out about the Brotherhood's plans. Black Tom murdered Sammy in cold blood, prompting Juggernaut to unleash his rage upon the Brotherhood. This led the Brotherhood to make a direct move against the X-Men.[58] During the brutal conflict, the X-Men recovered and joined forces with Juggernaut and Nocturne to protect the Xavier Institute.[59] The X-Men triumphed over the Brotherhood. In the end, the X-Man Xorn dragged the villains inside a black hole he unleashed with his mutation, when Juggernaut and Nocturne sacrificed themselves to guarantee the Brotherhood's defeat.[60] Exodus eventually resurfaced and reformed the Acolytes to battle for ways to reverse the mutant decimation.[61]

For detailed information about the Acolytes, see Acolytes

Brotherhood of Mutants (Earth-616) Magneto Not a Hero Vol 1 3

Magneto: Not a Hero[]

After being resurrected by Astra, Joseph formed a new Brotherhood. He had Astra clone the original brotherhood; Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Blob, Toad and Mastermind. This brotherhood attacked and tried to kill Magneto who managed to kill all the clones, excluding Joseph and also captured Astra; thus disbanding this incarnation of the Brotherhood.[citation needed]

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Earth-616) Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 27

From Genesis to Apocalypse[]

A new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was formed by Daken Akihiro to oppose X-Force. Just like X-Force, the Brotherhood's mission statement was to eliminate their enemies proactively. This Brotherhood was made up of Sabretooth, Mystique, Blob, Shadow King, Weapon III, and the Omega Clan. They succeeded in killing X-Force member Fantomex and in capturing Evan Sabahnur; hoping to turn him into their own Apocalypse.[citation needed]

After a final fight with the X-Force, Weapon III was killed by Deadpool, Omega Red by Genesis (seemingly), and Daken by Wolverine. The Shadow King was trapped within Omega White's body, who was lobotomized by Psylocke, and this prison-body was taken by X-Force. Mystique escaped with Nightcrawler, as well as Omega Black and Sabretooth independently.

All-New X-Men Vol 1 9 Textless

Mutant Revolution[]

In the aftermath of the conflict between the Avengers and the X-Men, Mystique gathered Sabretooth and Lady Mastermind with the purpose of reforming the Brotherhood,[62] committing numerous heists, and using Lady Mastermind's illusions to incriminate the original X-Men,[63] who were recently brought to the present by Beast.[64]

With the money the Brotherhood of Mutants robbed in the heists, Mystique acquired Madripoor from Hydra and attempted to turn it into a mutant sanctuary. Posing as Dazzler, Mystique attracted Magneto to the island and showed him her plans. However, Magneto reacted violently to the plan, believing that Mystique and the others were traitors to their species in part due to allowing the use of Mutant Growth Hormone to run rampant in the streets to fund their operations. He heavily injured Mystique and the Brotherhood and left after making their base collapse.[65]


Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Earth-616) from X-Men Gold Vol 2 1 001

Original Mesmero's line-up

In the wake of the conflict between mutants and Inhumans, anti-mutant activist Lydia Nance hired Mesmero to assemble a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, whose acts of terrorism she used to propel her platform.[66] To this end, Mesmero brainwashed former X-Men Magma, the Morlock Masque, the reptile-like Kologoth Antares, and new versions of Pyro and Avalanche.[66]

After marking their first public appearance by attacking the United Nations Headquarters,[67] the Brotherhood kidnapped New York's mayor and held him hostage at an abandoned factory.[68] The mayor's kidnapping was intended to lure out the X-Men so they could be killed in an explosion. The X-Men managed to rescue the mayor and avoid the trap, defeating the Brotherhood in the process. Mesmero's hold over the team was broken, and the members of the Brotherhood were handed over to to S.H.I.E.L.D., ultimately leading to its disbandment.[66]

Lydia Nance facilitated Mesmero's escape from The Box to continue having him work for her.[69] Before escaping her approached Pyro and Avalanche, claiming to have found a way to escape on his own, and offering them a chance at freedom to have revenge on Nance. Once they escaped, the Brotherhood attacked a yacht where Nance's Heritage Initiative was holding a fundraising gala with the sole objective to lure the X-Men, though both Pyro and Avalanche believed they were there to terrorize Nance. Shortly after the X-Men arrived,[70] so did a NYPD squadron. Before the Brotherhood made their escape, Mesmero used his powers on the X-Men to make them believe the officers were an assortment of their enemies, prompting them to attack the police. The X-Men broke out of the illusion too late, and were arrested after coming to their senses. When the Brotherhood regrouped, Mesmero revealed the true nature behind their plot, and that they were still under Nance's paycheck. While Avalanche welcomed the earnings, Pyro walked away disgusted by the treachery and for having been tricked into assisting the plans of an anti-mutant bigot.[69]

To Me, My Brotherhood[]

For a brief time, Magneto tried to help protect mutantkind with more compassionate methods, namely by mentoring the time-displaced X-Men.[71] Following a global crisis caused by the release of the power-bestowing virus Mothervine, Magneto was pushed to his emotional brink,[72] and vowed to once again advance his mutant agenda by any means necessary.[73] After abandoning the young X-Men, Magneto set up a new Asteroid M, where he established a new incarnation of the Brotherhood. Its ranks included Elixir, Exodus, Marrow, Briar Raleigh, Toad, and Unuscione.[74]

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 5 16 001

Joseph's new line-up


After the loss of Magneto, Joseph disguised himself as the Master of Magnetism to sway Avalanche, Juggernaut, Pyro, Random, and Toad to form a new Brotherhood in the wake of the death of the X-Men. They went to a Air Force base in East Transia to put the fear in humans. But they were confronted by a new group of X-Men led by a resurrected Cyclops. After the battle, Joseph's ruse was revealed making Juggernaut mad because he thought the group was made to protect mutants. He left as Joseph was killed by Kwannon.[75]


  • Another mutant terrorist group calling itself simply the "Brotherhood" operated for a brief time.

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