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Brotherhood of Mutants
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The Brotherhood
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Magneto, X-Men (briefly)
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Formed by Magneto in order to protect their kind through any means necessary and stop M.R.D. and led by Quicksilver in order to prevent Senator Kelly from oppressing their fellow mutants


The Brotherhood of Mutants consists of Avalanche, Blob, Domino, Quicksilver, Rogue, and Toad. Under the leadership of Quicksilver, the Brotherhood performs missions for Magneto.

At some point, Toad informs Quicksilver about Nitro and they spring him out against his will to be brought to Magneto. Quicksilver brought in Psylocke to suppress Nitro's powers. They gave him back to the X-Men after learning how unstable Nitro's powers were[1].

Later, Magneto instructed them to attack the X-Men while the Acolytes break into the M.R.D. Prisons. The X-Men defeat them, causing Magneto to cut them loose[2].

After a visit from Quicksilver, Magneto has Scarlet Witch inform the M.R.D. of the Brotherhood's hideout[3]. After taking out the Sentinel Prowlers, the Brotherhood helps the X-Men in the fight against the Sentinels at the location where Master Mold was. When Master Mold was temporarily defeated, the Brotherhood left with Quicksilver stating that the X-Men owe them one.


Equipment: Stolen communications equipment and Domino's gadgets
Transportation: Stolen civilian and military transports
Weapons: Domino's weapons

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